Helvetia, WV
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The Helvetia History Project needs your information to accurately document photographs. We will post photos on this page during the identification process. If you can provide information on the individuals in the photographs or other information, please send a note to elbetler@yahoo.com.

House owned by Flemings, Sites, and McAvoy.

House owned by Santosa Fleming or the Sites Family when this photo was taken circa 1924. Currently owned by Rogers McAvoy.

Photo of Confirmation of Genevieve Hofer

Confirmation of Genevieve Hofer - Zion in Helvetia
Genevieve Hofer, far right. Possibly Fred Hofer on far left.

Photo of the Della Vogel Confirmation.

Della Vogel Confirmation

Rev. Holtkamp (left).  Hugo Schleuniger, Bill Daetwyler, unknown (order uncertain). Rev. Preuss (right).  These names were on the back of the photo.
bottom row:  Della Vogel, Ida Marti, Minnie Betler.


Peter and Ida Merkli Swint Family
Peter and Ida Merkli Swint Family